The benefits of choreography swarm for drone light show

The use of Swarm technology reduces the limitations of driver-to-driver dynamics by allowing several assets to be all under the control of a single human operator. This change offers a wider range of operational capabilities, scalability and cost-effectiveness, while offering many creative applications.


So what is a choreography swarm?    

The word “swarm” evokes the idea of a group of thousands of bees flying together in the same synchronized movement. Take that idea to the drone world and it becomes very interesting. If you have already seen a drone show in person or online, it’s obvious that a swarm of autonomous flying robots is incredible to admire. The rapidly evolving technology allows for a new era of art in the sky. 

It is essentially a large group of several individual entities working together in the same unit. In nature, swarms come in different forms.Whether it’s a flock of birds creating surrealistic shapes in the sky or a school of fish. 


How does choreography swarm work ?   

Researchers and engineers have worked hard to reproduce the behaviour of swarms in the world of robotics. It is hard to imagine how difficult it is to reproduce this behaviour and to translate it mechanically. Even some autonomous drones require remarkable processing power. Imagine a flight of thousands of drones and you can imagine the difficulty. Fortunately, computing power technology is progressing at a pace that allows you to be self-sufficient. 


A centralized program structure provides the key unique information (area and obstacle mapping). There is a lot of information to pass on, which can lead to delays due to bandwidth limitations. Also, if something happens to the main bot, the whole swarm is in trouble because it’s based on a drone for data. In a decentralized system, each drone communicates with its immediate neighbour in the form of a network, which saves time because less data is transmitted.


What’s next?

We are at the beginning of a whole new form of entertainment. While it is difficult to discuss the incredible power of fireworks, it is also difficult to beat hundreds of drones performing a synchronized aerial show in the night sky. 

The swarm has various other applications for industry. For example, it can also be applicable to the humanitarian community. Search and rescue are areas that will greatly benefit from the use of drone swarms. Especially when searching for people in inaccessible areas on foot or dangerous areas.  Infrastructure will surely be another benefactor of this technology. The same advantage of flying over a large area that will benefit rescue missions can also be used to 2D and 3D mapping.Indeed, autonomous drones have already been used to build structures. 

Drone swarm technology has a lot to offer both in terms of entertainment and industries in general.



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