Smart & Autonomous objects creators

We are experts in embedded intelligence, high-end electronics, and radically optimized mobile/cloud apps for autonomous objects

Our Team

DROTEK team is pluri-disciplinary and master all the necessary aspects for creating smart and autonomous objects. From electronic design, mobile and cloud app to mechanical engineering and embedded systems, all our developments guarantee quality and reliability worthy of the biggest projects.

Electronic Design

Our electronic designers team as well as our production line allows us to manage your projects from idea to creation

Embedded systems

Making objects smarter is our thing, with 40 years cumulated of experience in embedded systems, we use the agile methodology to reach quality and continuous improvement.

Mobile / Cloud

Familiar with critical systems, we have 30 years of experience in the development of mobile and cloud applications.

Artificial Intelligence

Understanding the data, drawing lessons from them and using them to reason is the leitmotiv of our experts

Our Motto

Drotek is a French tech start-up made of technology aficionados and late-night explorers. We think, design and produce as if we still were in our garage. We love it when someone comes up with a new “out of the blue” idea and we have to design a fully-working prototype completely from scratch. Fast. Innovate. Iterate. This is our motto.

We strongly believe that people should pay for the atoms, not for the bits and this is why we offer free learning through our open-source and open-hardware technologies … Our eagerness to learn is relentless. And we want to share it.

Our own production line lets us work fast for customers who put the emphasis on quality and smart designs. Made in France stamped stuff !


Based in France, near Toulouse,

DROTEK distribute products and propose services all around the world.

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