Chimera Paparazzi Flight Controller

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Chimera Paparazzi Flight Controller


Chimera Paparazzi Flight Controller 

Chimera is the latest in French Engineering and design from E.N.A.C.. This controller uses the latest STM32F7 processor to create the most comprehensive autopilot controller board yet. When you add the incredibly powerful and robust software (available as a free download from Git) you have an unbeatable platform. Unbeatable reliability and functionality. WIth Paparazzi you are in complete control of your project.

Paparazzi software runs on over 12 different controllers. Nearly limitless IMU and sensor possiblities means whatever you have in mind Paparazzi can make it a reality. View a partial list with specifications here on the Paparazzi Wiki

Onboard barometer, microSD Logger card, 9 DOM integrated IMU on a chip (MPU-9250), power protection that ensures even if you unplug the battery it will close the write to the SD card. This is a complete solution on a single board. You only need to add a GPS for a completely autonomous solution.


  • STMicro STM32F767 Micro Controller Unit
  • ARM Cortex-M7, 216 MHz CPU, FPU & DSP instructions, 2 Mbytes Flash, 512 Kbytes SRAM, General-purpose DMA,etc.
  • Unlike STM32F4, FPU of STM32F767 double precision capable. It means double precision computation is 10 times faster on chimera than on STM32F4 based hardware
  • 9 DOF Inertial Measurement Unit
  • Barometer/altimeter (I2C, IMU slave capability)
  • Differential Pressure Sensor for Pitot tube
  • microSD card (+ dedicated power supply for emergency files closing system)
  • All connectors available both in standard 0.1” header and Molex Picoblade (except servos and R/C receiver, 0.1” header only)
  • Dedicated serial link and power supply for "Companion Computer" (Beaglebone, Raspberry, Gumstix, ...)
  • x4 status Leds + 8 segments LED display
  • SWD debug connector (STM STLink compliant header)
  • x8 Servos (+ Servos Power supply selection capabilities: Chimera onboard power supply or external source)
  • x2 RC Receiver inputs (S.BUS, PPM & Spektrum Satellite compatible, including receiver binding)
  • x5 UARTs (including one with hardware flow control signals)
  • x1 I2C bus (3.3V and 5V logic level)
  • x1 SPI bus (with Slave Select, Master or Slave)
  • x1 CAN bus
  • x8 auxiliary Inputs/Outputs spread over 2 connectors (x6 ADC, x6 Timers different from servos, x1 UART, x1 DAC)
  • XBEE modem holder (ASSO and Reset connected to MCU GPIOs)
  • x1 USB :
  • DFU mode (download) or USB storage (direct access to MicroSD card)
  • micro-USB plug (+ Picoblade & 0.1” header in //)
  • Board can be flashed even if aircraft battery is off)
  • Controlled Powerswitch 5V supply on AUX A (AUX0 to 3) header
  • Twin switching power supply :
  • source 2 to 6 Lipo cells (6 to 26v)
  • 5v/3A for “Companion” Computer(controlled by GPIO)
  • 5v/3A dedicated to Chimera (servos and other 5v peripherals)
  • VBat+Gnd connectors for peripheral
  • 89x60mm (3.5x2.4")


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Chimera Paparazzi Flight Controller

Chimera Paparazzi Flight Controller

Chimera Paparazzi Flight Controller
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