IMU 10DOF - MPU6050 + HMC5983 + MS5611


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IMU 10DOF - MPU6050 gyro & accelerometer + HMC5983 magnetometer + MS5611 altimeter


IMU 10DOF - MPU6050 gyro & accelerometer + HMC5983 magnetometer + MS5611 altimeter

The MPU-6050 Motion Processing Unit from Invensense is the world’s first motion processing solution with integrated 9-Axis sensor fusion using its field-proven and proprietary MotionFusion™ engine for handset and tablet applications, game controllers, motion pointer remote controls, and other consumer devices. The MPU6050 has an embedded 3-axis MEMS gyroscope, a 3-axis MEMS accelerometer, and a Digital Motion Processor™ (DMP™) hardware accelerator engine with an auxiliary I2C port that interfaces to 3rd party digital sensors such as magnetometers. When connected to a 3-axis magnetometer, the MPU-6050 delivers a complete 9-axis MotionFusion output to its primary I2C.

The Honeywell HMC5983 is a surface-mount, multi-chip module designed for low-field magnetic sensing with a digital interface for applications such as low-cost compassing and magnetometry. The HMC5883L includes our state-of-the-art, high-resolution HMC118X series magneto-resistive sensors plus an ASIC containing amplification, automatic degaussing strap drivers, offset cancellation, and a 12-bit ADC that enables 1° to 2° compass heading accuracy. The I2C serial bus allows for easy interface. These anisotropic, directional sensors feature precision in-axis sensitivity and linearity. Honeywell’s Magnetic Sensors are among the most sensitive and reliable low-field sensors in the industry. 

The MS5611-01BA is a new generation of high resolution altimeter sensors from MEAS Switzerland with SPI and I²C bus interface. It is optimized for altimeters and variometers with an altitude resolution of 10 cm. The sensor module includes a high linearity pressure sensor and an ultra low power 24 bit ΔΣ ADC with internal factory calibrated coefficients. It provides a precise digital 24 Bit pressure and temperature value and different operation modes that allow the user to optimize for conversion speed and current consumption.A high resolution temperature output allows the implementation of an altimeter/thermometer function without any additional sensor. 



Example of interfacing between an Arduino pro mini 5v and the IMU 10DOF breakout board with I2C bus:




I2C address of sensors:

MPU6050 -> 105

MS5611 -> 119

HMC5983 -> 30


-> Schematic

-> Arduino library HMC5983

-> Arduino library MPU6050

-> Arduino library MS5611






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IMU 10DOF - MPU6050 + HMC5983 + MS5611

IMU 10DOF - MPU6050 + HMC5983 + MS5611

IMU 10DOF - MPU6050 gyro & accelerometer + HMC5983 magnetometer + MS5611 altimeter

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