Sensirion SDP3x Airspeed Sensor Kit (SDP33)


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SDP3x Differential Pressure and Mass Flow Sensors (SDP33)


SDP3x Differential Pressure and Mass Flow Sensors (SDP33)

The SDP3x sensor family is Sensirion’s series of small differential pressure sensors designed for high-volume applications where size is a key requirement. It builds on the next generation CMOSens® sensor chip that is at the heart of Sensirion’s new differential pressure and flow sensing platform.

The digital SDP3x sensor features fast measurement speed, excellent accuracy, and long-term stability and has no zero-point drift. Furthermore, it is reflow solderable and provides extended functionality, such as smart averaging, multiple temperature compensation modes, configurable I2C address, and interrupts.

Component SDP33 features :

  • Smallest size (5 mm x 8 mm x 5 mm) currently available, opening up new dimension of integration and applications possibilities
  • Measurement range ±1500 Pa (±2 in. H2O)
  • Excellent accuracy and repeatability, even below 1 Pa
  • Maximum airspeed : 50m/s
  • No zero-offset, no drift
  • Calibrated and temperature compensated
  • Fast sampling time of 2 kHz at 16-bit resolution
  • Digital I2C version
  • Reflow solderable, shipped in tape-and-reel for pick-and-place
  • Smart averaging algorithm and other digital features

Board Features :

  • Black SLS Case
  • Dimensions : 3.2cm x 1.6cm x 1cm (L x W x H)
  • Weight : 12g (with case, Rubber tubing and Pitot tube)
  • Connector : JST-GH 4pins (dronecode connector)
  • Only PX4 PixHawk 3 PRO and Dropix ready!

Included :

  • Airspeed Sensor
  • 2 x Rubber tubing
  • Pitot Tube
  • JST-GH 4pins cable

Links :

-> Docs



Amazing accuracy

Thanks for the accuracy of this sensor. The perfect choice for our plane. :-)

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Sensirion SDP3x Airspeed Sensor Kit (SDP33)

Sensirion SDP3x Airspeed Sensor Kit (SDP33)

SDP3x Differential Pressure and Mass Flow Sensors (SDP33)

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