Discover our selection of antennas

September 10, 2019 10:04 am

GNSS antennas are the main interface between GNSS constellations and GNSS receivers. They capture the space-transmitted L-band signals that constitute the frequency band used by many GNSS satellite constellations for broadcasting. They are an aspect not to be neglected in a geolocation installation. They play a crucial role in receiving systems.


More and more applications rely on accurate positioning. For example, precision farming or the securing of urban areas where signals are critical. This is where they come in. Today with the new generations of GNSS, more GNSS signals appear at more varied frequencies. Antennas become a more important factor for us as product designers and users.

That is why have dedicated a section for antennas on our store. You can now equip your GPS with our selection of antennas or our own manufactured ones.


Discover our MUTLI-BAND GNSS Antenna




DA910 multi-band GNSS Antenna features high gain, excellent low elevation gain and circular polarization. It is ideal for Precision Positioning in triple frequency and uses multi-feed point design to ensure the superposition of phase center and geometrical center. It allows strong signal acquisition thanks to its wide beam radiation patterns, even in sheltered places. It is waterproof and UV-proof, and resistant to impact of high and low temperature.