Professional Grade Magnetometer RM3100 : a new generation of geomagnetic sensor

January 29, 2019 11:50 am

Professional Grade Magnetometer RM3100 drotek FB

RM3100 Professional Grade Magnetometer by Drotek : highest performance sensor to make precise magnetic field measurements.


When it comes to heading measurements and accurate motion tracking, we base our calculations on Earth’s magnetic field. In real conditions, numerous surrounding fields can distort it such as system components in furniture (batteries, shielding materials, motors), passing vehicles, or nearby cell phones and computers. That is why the use of a geomagnetic sensor become essential.



What is a Geomagnetic Sensor?


Geomagnetic sensors are used to measure the Earth’s magnetic field to provide absolute reference and heading. But a large challenge is the changing magnetic fields that temporarily distort the heading information. Compensating for these and other transient magnetic anomalies requires the geomagnetic sensor to be able to precisely distinguish between sensor noise and real changes in magnetic field.

Generally, drones avoid using internal magnetometers because they are easily disturbed, their calibration yields high offsets that tend to drift over time A well-positioned external magnetometer can help you to get rid of magnetic disturbances due to motor coils and metal parts.




The Professional Grade Magnetometer RM3100 by Drotek


Based on PNI magneto-inductive technology, where the sensor changes inductances with the changing magnetic fields, Drotek Professional Grade Magnetometer RM3100 eliminates any noises in your magnetic field measurements, making distortion error correction a breeze, allowing you to easily and accurately calculate absolute direction and heading.


This new generation of geomagnetic sensor provides high resolution, low power consumption, large signal noise immunity, a large dynamic range, and high sampling rates. Measurements are stable over temperature and inherently free from offset drift. Other technologies require expensive and complex signal processing to obtain similar resolution and noise.


Additionally, PNI’s Geomagnetic Sensors are simple to design in, and the peak current requirement is dramatically less than Hall Effect sensors. It isn’t surprising this technology has been proven in a wide range of applications, such as motion tracking, compassing, or magnetic field measurement.



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