New Year’s Eve at Versailles with Drotek’s drones

As you may have known or seen, Groupe F performed an outstanding light show at Versailles for New Year’s Eve with Drotek’s drones.

Drotek had the chance to be in this incredible and unique place to celebrate the new year coming!

It was quite a challenge to make fly 150 drones together with a multitude of fireworks popping in the air.

Let’s go back to the implementation of the drone light show and the behind the scenes of New Year’s Eve at Versailles with Drotek’s drones.

We had 15 ‘families’ of 10 drones each on the ground as you can witness.

When the calibration was done, the dance checked and the geofence set, the IO Star swarm was ready to take off and deliver its magic!


The Ground Control Station (GCS) in place ensured the good communication with the drones and make sure there is no problem with the IO Star fleet.

Our GCS is made of a DA910 multiband GNSS antenna ,3 Wi-Fi modules and a 2,4 GHz redundancy RF link modem.


The Drotek Team ensured the safety and the smooth conduct of the drone light show.

In case of emergency we had a kill switch remote, in order to turn off the entire fleet of drones, because safety is always our priority.

We were really excited to show you what our drones could do, because there’s a lot of work behind this performance, we are very proud and we’re glad everything went well thanks to Groupe F & Drotek crew!

Drotek Team can’t wait to be part of another magnificent drone light show!


Our IO Star Drones switched on, in front of the castle and the fountain.

Different dances were performed, such as a 3D heart rotating at .. meters high and the countdown to 2021.


The show was on French Tv (France 2) and Mika was singing during the drone light show!

Enjoy the video of the show at Versailles here

We can’t thank enough Groupe F for their trust and their work to create a phenomenal show like that!

You can visit their website right here and see their different show performances.

See you soon for more adventures!

Drotek is a French company located in South of France. The group has 2 poles of expertise : Electronics  Drone Light Show

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