Tailor-made transport equipment

Drones provide a captivating aerial experience, but the right protection is essential to maintain their integrity while you travel.

This is where our tailor-made flycase comes in, a solution that combines security and practicality to ensure that your drones remain in perfect condition, wherever you go.


The Ultimate Protection

Drones are often used in harsh environments, a tailor-made flycase offers robust protection against shock, vibration and bad weather, ensuring the safety of your technological investment.

The key advantage of a tailor-made flycase lies in its specific design for your light drone model. Each compartment is precisely adjusted to fit the storage towers perfectly.

This ensures a tight fit, reducing internal movement during transport and thus minimizing the risk of damage.

Ease of Transport

Traveling with your drones is now simpler thanks to the practicality of our new flycase, designed to the standard dimensions of a Euro pallet (120 cm x 80 cm). Ergonomic handles, built-in casters, and sturdy construction make transporting your gear as easy as possible, whether you're in the field or on the go.


One Flycase, Several Uses

Our flycase offers an ideal combination of protection and utility, allowing you to transport your gear with confidence.

In addition to protecting drones, it allows you to transport up to 90 drones in a single flycase, in fact it's equipped with 6 compartments that can accommodate 6 towers of 15 drones.

This saves time when setting up and putting away the show.

Drotek is a French company located in South of France. The group has 2 poles of expertise : Electronics  Drone Light Show

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