Would you like to create a drone light show, but are encountering difficulties (skills, deadlines, etc.) with the design? Our creative department takes care of it!

Call our creative team for the complete realization of your show, or even for simple touch-ups.

Let's work together to bring your ideas to life!


Our creative team

Our team of artists is dedicated to creating drone light shows.

To realize your show, you will be in direct contact with these talented artists, with whom you will work closely to analyze, understand and implement your ideas.

They will do everything in their power to create a customized show that perfectly reflects your vision.

Creation software: Blender & our Lightshow Creator add-on

With our show creation software, nothing is impossible!

Shows can be created in an intuitive, personalized way, whether by importing images or writing text.

From dance transitions to color settings, it gives us the freedom to incorporate any element to bring your show to life.

Send us the storyboard of the show you would like to produce, the number of figures you would like and the moodboard.

We receive and analyze your storyboard.

An initial video meeting is organized with our creative team to validate the figures and give you the best possible guidance.

After validation, we move on to creating the figures and animations on our software to create a V1 of your show.

After a delay of 13 days approximately (depending on the number of drones), a second visio meeting is scheduled for corrective action.

We create a V2 of your show on our software

A third visio meeting is scheduled to present V3 of the show.

How do we work?

We receive and analyze your storyboard.

After validation, we move on to creating the figures and animations on our software to create a V1 of your show.

We create a V2 of your show on our software.

The show is ready!

We'll send you the final rendering!

Introduction to Lightshow Creator : Our Blender add-on

Main features

Setting up drone take-off

With our add-on, we can assemble drones into different "families" and set take-off parameters according to these groups.

This greatly reduces the risk of collision between drones, and creates a more striking visual impact for your audience.

Image & text import

On Lightshow Creator, we can directly import your logos or other visuals.

These images are transformed so that they can be represented as a drone.

All we have to do is place the dots precisely and the visual is ready. The same goes for text: we write the text, choose the font, and the magic happens!

Creating magic color

Various color options are available on our add-on

  • Fixed colors

  • Random colors

  • Faded colors

Drotek is a French company located in South of France. The group has 2 poles of expertise : Electronics  Drone Light Show

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