The Rise Of Drone Light Show

Drones have come a long way since their inception, and today, they have become more flexible and sophisticated than ever. One of the most innovative uses of drones is in light shows. With their maneuverability and precise control, drones can make the difference and create stunning aerial displays that leave the audience in awe. IO Star Drone is one such drone that has been designed specifically for drone lightning shows.

IO star exploded view drone light show

Overview of IO Star Drone

The will to build something different

The IO Star drone is the result of 11 years of relentless efforts, work and strong collaboration between all of Drotek’s talented engineers. Drotek designs the world most secure and precise light show drone solution thanks to its solid experience in the Drone industry. Everything is set to increase the efficiency and get the best device

The Features





190 X 190 X 52 MM (without the propellers)


GNSS RTK (centimeter accuracy)


5 m/s


Up to 20 minutes


5GHz, redundancy 2.4GHz


Up to 70g (optional)

io star blue drone light show

The benefits of the IO Star

The IO Star Drone is a high-performance drone that has been designed to create captivating light shows. It features advanced LED lighting systems that can create a wide range of patterns, colors, and effects. The drone is equipped with RTK GPS that provide real-time feeds, allowing the team to monitor the drone's position and movement.

One of the key features of the IO Star Drone is its good maneuverability. The drone can perform intricate movements and fly in tight spaces, making it ideal for light shows. Thanks to its lightweight and safety components, but also thanks to the main geofence and the second one, the IO Star is the safest drone on the market allowing creativity in security.

The IO Star Drone is easy to operate and comes with a user-friendly interface. The drone can be programmed to follow a specific flight path, and the lighting effects can be synchronized to music, creating a truly immersive experience.

Applications of IO Star drone

The IO Star Drone has a wide range of applications in the entertainment industry. It can be used to create stunning light shows for concerts, festivals, and other events. The drone can also be used in advertising and marketing campaigns to create visually striking content.

The IO Star Drone can also be used in the film industry to create aerial shots with lighting effects, adding a new dimension to films and TV shows.

Another possible application of the IO Star Drone is in the field of art. The drone can be used to create stunning installations and figures that incorporate light and movement. The drone's ability to fly and move in three dimensions opens up new possibilities for artists and designers.

The power of lights in the sky

The IO Star Drone is a powerful tool that can be used to create mesmerizing light shows. Its advanced bright LED lighting systems, precise control, and maneuverability make it an ideal drone for great outdoor performances. The drone has a large range of applications in the entertainment industry, advertising, film, and art. With its versatility and capabilities, the IO Star Drone is a game-changer in the world of drone light shows.

How much does a drone light show cost?

The cost of a light show depends on several things:

  • the quantity of light drones

  • the light show duration

  • the complexity of the choreography with light drones

  • the shipping of drones & logistics

  • the team on site

The price range for a light show is quite large it can vary between 30k€ and 250k€ and vary also depending on the company.


What color lights do drones have at night?

The IO Star drone is built to allow you to create an outstanding show, so thanks to the super powerful LED you can do that and your show will be visible from far away in the air! The drone embeds a RGBW LED to get a wide color spectrum, meaning you can get any color your desire, you just have to choose them!


Drotek is a French company located in South of France. The group has 2 poles of expertise: Electronics  Drone Light Show

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