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Take a swarm of little quadcopters with powerful LEDs on it, add different detailed choreographies in the air and you have a drone light show. Hundreds or thousands of drones can dance at the same moment, synchronized to execute the chosen dances and also to reproduce images or write words in the sky, providing an amazing and stunning experience. The performance can be captured on video and is a cutting-edge form of technology in entertainment.
The cost of a light show depends on several things :
• The quantity of light drones ;
• The show duration ;
• The complexity of the choreography ;
• The shipping & logistics ;
• The team on site.

For a detailed breakdown of costs and to get a quote, contact our team.
They require perfect coordination between the drones. To achieve this, control software is used to manage each individual drone in the fleet. It all starts with the creation of the show's choreography, where the designers imagine these sequences on the software, taking into account the number of drones that will soon be deployed. On the day of the show, they are launched into the air and controlled by the same software. The light sequences are activated at precisely the right moment, creating moving displays in the sky for a stunning experience. The drones are synchronized in the air and holding their formation, offering a perfectly orchestrated air show. The process is meticulously planned to ensure safety and an unforgettable experience for the audience.
• Learn about light drones and their applications.
• Understand the regulations and obtain necessary permits.
• Study their choreography and use 3D specialized software.
• Build a fleet for your shows.
• Get the mandatory training.
• Practice designing captivating choreographies.
• Obtain insurance coverage for liabilities and equipment.
• Create your own show.
These new types of shows include a fleet of illuminated drones, but also their components (battery recharging station, kill switch), home-made transport equipment (flycase, storage tower), on-site workforce, embedded computers, management software and ground control stations. The entire set-up is designed to deliver an outstanding performance.
It all depends on your project and how big you want your experience to be. Do you want a small fleet to display your corporate logo, or would you prefer to tell a deeper story with a larger fleet ? 100, 500 or 1000 drones, your vision and budget are your only limits.
The batteries in our IO STAR 2 have a flight time of 15 minutes for an effective show.
The regulations governing light shows vary from country to country. For more information, see our dedicated article : Safety & Regulations for light shows. Check the specific rules in your location to ensure compliance.
Several types of projects and events can call for a light show :
Sports events : to promote or a national/international opening event, a pre-game ceremony or a competition opening ceremony.
• Marketing : to effectively promote your brand, the launch of one of your existing products or a new one, advertising, communication campaign....
• Theme parks : to display dynamic animations in your theme park and offer your audience a spectacular moment.
• Weddings : for a unique and unforgettable moment in public or in private.
• Family celebrations : To celebrate a birthday, graduation or any other special occasion.
• Music festivals : to synchronize your musical event with a light show.
• and more...

Light shows can be tailored to various celebrations and events to create a spectacular display that inspires and entertains.
Planning these new types of shows can take from a few weeks to several months, for several reasons:
• the period needed to obtain the necessary authorizations ;
• the time it takes to receive our equipment ;
• training on our equipment.

It is essential to plan ahead to deliver a successful performance.
At Drotek, we don't do shows, we manufacture the drones and offer a variety of solutions. We do, however, offer a new light show creation service. All you have to do is contact us, provide us with the storyboard and other elements required to produce the show, and our creative team will take charge of producing your show. You can check out our site and join us in creating your vision.
We have an article dedicated to the entry into the light drone show market here.
This depends on 2 factors:
• The size of the show
• The number of animations and their complexity
Depending on these 2 factors, the creation can take between 9 and 16 days or more.
These shows represent a more environmentally-friendly alternative, and some places ban the use of fireworks, suggesting that they are gradually replacing them. The two can also be used in a single show for a more captivating experience in the sky.
Initially, you get in touch with Drotek to guide you in making choices such as the number of drones to use, or to assist you in setting up and monitoring your swarm drone operation. Next, you book the equipment you require for the show, and begin your training to familiarize yourself with the use of this equipment, as well as flight procedures. And finally, it is time for the show to begin!
Yes, illuminated shows are safe for several reasons. They require careful planning and strict safety measures. Regulatory aspects include licensing, air safety and data protection. Show design demands specialized software, precise synchronization of the drones, and prior testing. And last but not least, safety measures such as weather monitoring, crowd management, emergency protocols, etc. are taken...
Illuminated drones emit a noise when deployed. However, they are still less noisy than traditional fireworks. Also, the larger your fleet, the louder the noise, similar to a swarm of bees. This sound can be a part of the show's ambiance.
To rent a fleet of illuminated drones, please contact our sales team by filling in the contact form.
We offer a complete solution for light show, including several tools and solutions such as : 
• Illuminated drones ;
• Ground control station ;
• Software ;
• Charging station ;
• Drone rental service ;
• Light show creation service ;
• Support in authorizations ;
• and more...

In addition, Drotek offer technical and after-sale support.
If you would like a customized show created by our design team, you can contact us by filling in the form and specifying your request. You will then be in direct contact with our show creation team to turn your ideas into reality.
Our drones are controlled by our management software, which enables us to manage hundreds to thousands of drones in a defined area.
Our IO STAR 2 drones reach speeds of 5 m / s.
Our IO STAR 2 drones have an effective show autonomy of 15 minutes.
Our drones are resistant to light rain, so it is possible to do a show in bad weather as long as it is light.
We provide a training program for all our customers, whether they are familiar with illuminated drone shows or not, to teach the fundamentals of how our equipment works, train flying and give the opportunity to gain experience.
In the world of entertainment and sports, illuminated drone shows are used to promote or open a national or international event in the sky, as part of a pre-game or competition opening ceremony, for example.
You don't only need the drones to put on a show, you also need all the material equipment needed to deploy the drones, as well as the manpower. That is why putting on a drone show is more expensive than you might think.
The Ground Control Station (or GCS) is an embedded computer designed for flight control and monitoring, as well as for visual reception and real-time image recording during drone flight. Find out more about this equipment here.
This service, reserved exclusively for customers, enables shows to be put on more quickly and efficiently. The drones are stored in towers, themselves stored in flycases, designed for easy access and maximum safety during transport. Find out more about this service here.
Drotek's home-made flycase offers optimum protection for our IO STAR 2 drones, shielding them from shock, vibration and the elements. It is designed to carry up to 90 drones, making them easy to move and store, with adjustable compartments and dimensions adapted to a Euro pallet. For further details, please visit this page.
Drotek's storage towers are build to optimize the storage and transport of our IO STAR 2 drones. Capable of holding up to 15 drones in individual drawers, these towers guarantee their safety and stability. For further details, please visit this page.
Organizing a drone show in France requires several authorizations and safety measures to ensure the safety of the public and operators. Authorizations from the DGAC and local authorities, civil liability insurance, a SORA risk assessment and flight plans for each drone are required.

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