Focus on Drotek Pixhawk 3 Pro autopilot

September 17, 2019 1:23 pm

At Drotek we design and manufacture in our premises in France a range of autopilots including Pixhawk 3 Pro. It is a professional autopilot for safe unmanned vehicle systems.  Pixhawk 3 pro modularity allows it to adopt different shapes and adapt to multiple platforms and multiple configurations: VTOL, aircraft, multi-rotor, traditional helicopter, car, boat, submarine and robotics in general…






Pixhawk 3 Pro Technology

This Drotek autopilot has processors and sensors from ST Microelectronics ® and a real-time NuttX operating system. This offers incredible performance, flexibility and reliability to control a standalone vehicle.

The benefits of the Pixhawk 3 Pro system include integrated multithreading and a Unix / Linux programming environment. This autopilot features Lua script and a custom PX4 driver layer. It has a PX4 configurable failsafe systems protect to secure your operations.

Suitable for space constrained applications, this module offers improved ease-of-use, sensor performance and micro-controller resources (384 KB RAM, 2 MB flash).

The professional autopilot is accompanied by new peripheral options, including a digital speed sensor, an external LED multi-color indicator and an external magnetometer. All devices are automatically detected and configured.

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Key design points


  • pixhawk 3 pro autopilotAll-in-one design with integrated FMU and optional IO and lots of I/O ports.

  • -Improved manufacturability, designed for simpler mounting and case design.

  • -Separate power supplies for FMU and IO (see power architecture section).

  • -Onboard battery backup for FMU and IO SRAM / RTC.

  • -Integration with two standard power bricks.




For more information and technology upgrades: go to our documentation.