Drotek's complete support for your drone business

Drotek delivers a large range of support services to help all industry players, positioning itself as a key partner in the drone light show business sector.

Why choose Drotek as your light drone supplier ?

Choosing Drotek as your professional drone supplier is a significant advantage for many reasons.

As an experienced drone manufacturer in this market, we have an in-depth understanding of the challenges faced by both startups and more established, long-established companies.

We provide you a large solution for putting on an illuminated drone show in the best possible conditions.

In addition to this solution, we offer a complete range of services designed to support you at every stage of your entrepreneurial journey.

Whether in the preliminary phases, during the preparation of your drone show or even afterward, Drotek gives personalized support to all its clients.

We are here to guide you through the most complex processes, allowing you to concentrate on the creation and success of your events, but also to gain autonomy as your project progresses.

Pre-show support for drone light show

When embarking on new challenges, it is essential to have the right support. Aware of these difficulties, Drotek gives upstream support in the creation and choice of a first drone light show.

How to start a drone business ?

Starting a drone business specializing in orchestrating captivating shows involves a series of essential steps.

It all begins with a great brainstorming phase, where you meticulously outline the blueprint for your drone spectacle.

This entails determining critical elements such as the requisite number of drones, the duration of the show, the place of the show, as well as the visuals and animations to be incorporated.

Once the foundational groundwork is laid, you transition into the operational phase, where the execution of your meticulously crafted plans takes center stage.

This phase includes technical prowess with artistic finesse to bring your vision to life in a breathtaking drone spectacle.

Regardless of whether you are embarking on this journey as a novice or a seasoned operator, our unwavering support accompanies you at every juncture.

Our aim is to deliver tailored assistance that empowers you to navigate through the complexities of this endeavor with confidence and clarity.

For those seeking comprehensive guidance on venturing into the professional drone industry, a detailed guide awaits, giving invaluable insights and strategies to help pave the path toward success in this dynamic and exhilarating industry.

Check out the Drotek guide to enter the drone light show market

Commercial support

The commercial support we offer you goes far beyond the simple transaction of products and services.

We invest in your success by furnishing personalized advice at every stage of their drone entrepreneurial journey.

This starts with in-depth consultations to determine the optimum number of drones required to meet their needs.

We take into account factors such as the size of the target market, the intended applications, the equipment needed and the available budget.

Working closely with our customers, we strive to design custom-made solutions that perfectly meet their operational and financial requirements.

As a trusted partner, Drotek is committed to supporting startups throughout their entrepreneurial journey. We give them the tools, advice and support they need to succeed.

Whether it is helping them develop an effective sales strategy, navigate complex regulations for drones or improve their operational performance, we are there to support them at every stage of their growth.

Drone regulations support

In addition to initial training, taking the necessary measures to obtain the required authorizations is an essential step in preparing for light drone operations.

Drotek supports you throughout this procedure, guiding them through the necessary procedures with the DGAC to obtain the authorizations and certifications required to stage illuminated drone shows.

We have all the documentation for this type of canvassing at our disposal, which our buyers greatly appreciate when you consider how complex and time-consuming the process can be.

These authorizations are crucial to ensuring both regulatory compliance and operational safety.

And if fireworks are to be included in the drone show, additional prefectoral declarations and municipal authorizations will be required.

From then on, a thorough investigation will be mandatory to ensure full compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, and Drotek is there to provide the necessary assistance in time.

Assistance on the field

During your field operations, Drotek delivers specialized, hands-on support to ensure your shows run smoothly.

Drone Training

Take advantage of Drotek's expert support with our three-phase drone training plan, the result of four years' experience in business development and technical support.

This course has proved its worth for startups and multinationals in the events sector.

Start your training at Drotek's local, where you will learn the fundamentals of equipment operation.

Afterward, you will receive practical training at your workplace to practice flying and gain experience.

Throughout this learning process, Drotek will give remote support to ensure continuity of technical assistance, mirroring the level of support offered during on-site training.

With this comprehensive training and ongoing support, you will be well-equipped and allowed to deliver a remarkable drone show to your audience.

Logistics support - Drone Rental Service

In response to changing market dynamics and consumers needs, we have introduced an innovative service : drone rental.

Exclusively available to our customers, this service enables them to organize remarkable shows with access to a wider and more impressive range of illuminated drones.

It includes custom-built, secure flycases, create for drone storage towers transport.

These internal towers are designed specifically for the IO STAR drones, giving optimal vertical storage with individual drawers for quick access.

They also guarantee the safety of drones during transport, ensuring their immobility and stability.

Drotek flycases can hold up to 90 drones, making it easy to organize and set up each show.

They furnish total protection against shock, vibration and the elements, ensuring the safety of your equipment.

This logistical support is much appreciated, as it enables rapid and efficient drone deployment on any field.

All of them are briefed on the use of this equipment, and we remain available should any particular problem arise.

Drone delivery support

Drotek places importance on furnishing comprehensive delivery support to its customers, capitalizing on its extensive network of trusted partners.

Our commitment is to facilitate swift and efficient delivery of drones and equipment to all our clients, enabling them to meet their operational requirements without delay.

We recognize the critical significance of timely delivery, particularly considering the crucial role this equipment plays in show production.

Therefore, respecting deadlines is a core principle that guides our operations. Drawing from our extensive experience in the drone industry, we have cultivated and expanded our network of partners.

Through close collaboration with these logistics partners, we coordinate every aspect of the delivery process to expedite it as efficiently as possible.

This approach not only ensures timely drones delivery but also underscores our dedication to your satisfaction and instills confidence in our ability to effectively support their projects.

Continuous support even after your drones show

After the show, Drotek still cover you and is committed to providing ongoing support to ensure the best experience with our drones.

After-sale & technical support

Whether or not you have any knowledge of drone technology, our team is always available to give you full technical support.

Drone news and updates

Our team of engineers is dedicated to advancing the development of our UAVs, ensuring that their technical capabilities evolve continuously to meet the ever-changing demands of the industry.

At Drotek, we are dedicated to giving you comprehensive support and information, particularly in instances where the utilization of our drones may undergo alterations.

This commitment extends to offering thorough training programs covering drone procedures and maintenance, equipping our clients with the knowledge and skills necessary to optimize the performance of their equipment.

Moreover, we offer guidance on upgrading and expanding drone fleets as businesses expand and evolve.

Our approach to your support is deeply personalized, tailored to the unique needs and objectives of each client.

Whether it involves integrating the latest innovations into our drone solutions or maximizing the functionality of our equipment, we are committed to providing expert assistance every stage of the way.

Through this collaborative partnership, we empower our clients to leverage cutting-edge technology effectively and drive success in their endeavors.


Drone repair and maintenance

Drone repair and maintenance are crucial to ensuring the smooth operation and durability of your equipment.

If you have a drone technology problem, you can count on Drotek to provide a fast, efficient repair service.

Simply return your drones to us, and our technicians will repair them and return them to you in perfect condition as quickly as possible.

Our team is here to answer all your questions and concerns, whether by phone or e-mail.

We are committed to providing our buyers with all the support they need to get the most out of their products, whether in terms of repairs, maintenance or advice on how to use their equipment to best effect.

You can rest assured that your drones will be in good hands with Drotek, and that they will be returned to you in perfect condition, ready to be used as if they were brand new.


New features and software updates

New features and updates to our drone management software are a crucial aspect of our dedication to our buyers.

Thanks to the commitment of our engineers, our software is constantly evolving, regularly benefiting from new features and extensions.

It is also thanks to direct feedback from our customers. We regard their comments as essential to constantly improving our application and meeting their needs.

We are dedicated to keeping you informed of these advances on a regular basis, so you can stay on top of the latest innovations and get the most out of our software.

In addition to providing you with information on these developments, we give you personalized support in exploring and using these enhanced tools.

Our team is here to answer your questions, guide you through the newly added features, and help you integrate these enhancements into your procedures.

With our commitment to innovation and ongoing support, we ensure that you are always equipped with the best tools for success in the light drone business.

From support to autonomy

Drotek is committed to supporting you from the very beginning until you achieve complete autonomy.

Our after-sales service is designed to give you total peace of mind regarding the drones and equipment you have rented.

Even after your first drone performance, our team remains at your side to ensure your continued success.

As a consumer, you benefit from continuous access to innovation thanks to our team of engineers.

Over time, you will start to gain greater autonomy and confidence in using our products and services.

In general, our customers reach full autonomy after around three drones shows.

However, even once you have achieved this autonomy, we are still available to offer additional support if required.

Our commitment to your success is not limited to a set period of time, we are here to support you every step of the way, providing you with the resources and assistance you need to excel in the bright drone business.


With Drotek, you get a strong partnership and unrivalled support to help you shine in the world of drone light show.

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