Drones revolutionize entertainment market

To meet the constant need for innovation of entertainment and event professionals, technological solutions have been developed to create a new scenic space between heaven and earth.

To fly scenery, lasers, pyrotechnics, lights, a new aerial scenography allows the shows to take a new dimension thanks to the drones.

Professional drones participate in the development of creativity and create an unprecedented emotional impact during a unique event or for a permanent show that combines both human and new technologies.

They offer a new aerial perspective to the shows and attractions on offer and represent an opportunity for leisure parks to offer a unique experience to their visitors.


DROTEK EVENTS designs innovative and unique drones for artistic projects in entertainment. IO STAR is a drone solution offering unprecedented stage potential for anyone wishing to create prestigious events around the world.

It is now possible to create a fleet of drones able to perform an aerial choreography in total autonomy and safely.


Installations and performances, performing arts, dance, live shows, video creation. Full actor of yours shows, futuristic and poetic robot, the drone can be integrated into all kinds of scenic devices.


Quick to implement and simple to use, the drones can be programmed to intervene several times in a show by following different choreographies, reproducible at each performance.

The drone is indeed a perennial tool for entertainment that can be reused to infinity for different events.

Light show drones are a new drone generation intended to sublimate the staging of entertainment and to develop new emotions for spectators.


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Drotek is a French company located in South of France. The group has 2 poles of expertise : Electronics  Drone Light Show

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