New Drone Rental Service

To better align ourselves with current market trends and meet our customers' demands, we have taken the initiative to launch a brand-new service offering drone rentals.

This service, only reserved for our customers, provides them with the opportunity to create extraordinary shows by orchestrating a larger and more impressive fleet of light drones.

drotek io star drone

Towers: Our New Storage Solution

We have internally designed towers specifically tailored to IO STAR drones, enabling optimal vertical storage. Each tower is equipped with individual drawers, ensuring quick and easy access to each drone.

Moreover, these towers have been specially engineered to ensure the drones' safety during transport, keeping them stationary and stable under all circumstances.

New Flycases for Secure Transport

To enhance our new drone rental service, we have custom-made flycases for drone transportation.

Each flycase can accommodate up to 90 drones, streamlining the organization and setup of every show.

They are completely secure, providing total protection against impacts, vibrations, and adverse weather conditions.


Whether you're organizing a small-scale gathering or a grand event, our dedicated team is here to support you at every step, ensuring your vision becomes a reality.

Renting our drones provides you with ultimate flexibility! We take pride in offering you this exceptional opportunity to push the boundaries of imagination and innovation.


Contact us today to learn more about our drone rental service and discover how we can help illuminate your next event. Make every moment an unforgettable memory!

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