Drone light shows the fireworks of the future

Fireworks are today the most used tool to animate events by a breathtaking light show. But it is clear that drones have a role to play in this area. Indeed, drones offer more than powerful flying technology and are about to become tomorrow’s artistic tools for your events.


Why move towards Drone Light Shows?


From fire protection to noise pollution, drones provide more comfortable alternative experiences. Light show drone technology allows you to discover the night sky differently and create personalized shows. These drones also bring innovations that provide effective solutions to many of the problems associated with traditional fireworks.


Environmentally friendly


Drones cause less pollution than fireworks.  They can be used indefinitely and do not produce waste unlike fireworks. Much quieter, which can be distressing for animals, although experts recommend paying attention to animals and wildlife. Each drone requires more resources than fireworks, but a drone is not limited to a single flight, making it a more compelling prospect for the environment and organizers’ portfolios.


Safer than fireworks


Lighting a firework requires extreme caution whereas drone shows are computerized and automated. Drone shows have a safer delivery than fireworks. There is no fire hazard in a drone installation compared to pyrotechnic shows.

Flexible and economical


Given the programmable nature of the drone, it is not necessary to associate it with a single annual event. The more you reuse the drone, the better the economic data. Drones can be reused hundreds of times. So when you have your fleet, you’ll just have to maintain them properly to continue exposing the light shows for a long time.

Infinitely customizable


With light show drones, you can create an entirely new experience in the sky. They can be synchronized to form amazing patterns and tell digital stories in the night. You can create fully customizable shows and integrate additional tools (music, lights,…) to get a unique experience each time.




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