Drone light show for sport events : the new revolutionizing entertainment

Exploring the wonders of illuminated show

Before we look at the various uses of drone light show, it is important to remember how they work.


What is a lightning drone ?

It is equipped with powerful LEDs used in the night sky to produce spectacular patterns, shapes and sequences of light.

Add a few more, and you get an entire fleet of synchronized drones to animate the sky, creating a unique and dynamic show for your spectators.


How do drone shows work ?

These types of shows require impeccable coordination between the drones. To achieve this, control software is used to manage each individual drone in the fleet.

It all starts with the planning of the show's choreography, where the designers imagine these sequences on the software, taking into account the number of drones that will soon be deployed.

On the day of the show, they are launched into the air and remotely controlled by the same software.

The light sequences are activated at precisely the right moment, creating moving images in the sky.

The drones communicate with each other to maintain a precise, synchronized formation, offering a perfectly orchestrated air show.


Light show drones features

Our IO STAR 2 are equipped with powerful LEDs and advanced navigation systems to ensure precise, synchronized flight.

Equipped with long-life batteries, you can put on a 20-minute show and offer your audience optimum performance throughout.

The IO STAR 2 is also the lightest light drone on the market, weighing in at 285g for a speed of 5 m / s.

Their redundant sensors ensure greater reliability and minimize the risk of failure, while its advanced wind measurement system enables it to adapt and resist wind conditions depending on the environment.

The new revolutionizing entertainment

In the entertainment industry, every opportunity is good to offer an extraordinary moment to the public present.

More and more organizers are turning to this type of show for many of reasons.


Captivating audiences with stunning drone light shows

One of the most impressive aspects of the drone light shows is their ability to create immersive, memorable experiences for spectators.

Sporting occasions represent an ideal moment to deploy an entire fleet, but also an unprecedented challenge for organizers.

Imagine, thousands of drones taking to the skies in the middle of a stadium, forming a giant pattern for all the fans in attendance to see, to build up the pressure of a game.

It's really an effective way of captivating your audience to the game in question, developing a strong visual and emotional impact.


Technical and creative challenges

From a business point of view, these events represent a real challenge.

With expectations running high among the public, the challenge for the organizers is to present a show that lives up to expectations, as many eyes will be riveted on it.

This requires perfect organization, but the drones deployed must also be carefully prepared.

Despite these challenges, illuminated drone shows continue to push the boundaries of engineering and creativity, offering magical and unforgettable moments.

By combining cutting-edge technology, visual storytelling and emotion, these shows remain forever etched in the memories of the audiences present, adding a touch of magic to the most prestigious sporting events.

Transforming events with glowing drones : Current uses in sports

For which type of sport occasion ?

From soccer games to extreme sports competitions and marathons, illuminated drones add a spectacular dimension to any outdoor occasion.

Its use in opening ceremonies for competitions, for example, is a great way to build anticipation and hype.

Whether it's a competition that's been eagerly awaited for years, or a weekly Formula 1 Grand Prix for example, any means is good for creating something unique.

Here are just a few examples of shows put on by our partners :


Lunatx - Ruhr Games 2023

For the Ruhr Games 2023 in Germany, Lunatx organized a 12-minute drone show, synchronized with music for the opening of the Games.

dronecastcompany - CAN Maroc

This can be an original and effective way of encouraging your favorite team in the run-up to a major competition, as dronecastcompany did recently for the Moroccan team during the African Cup of Nations of soccer.

Allumee - Asics SaintéLyon 2023

To motivate all runners, Allumee put on a magnificent show of over 300 drones for the launch of the legendary night race between Saint-Étienne and Lyon.

FlyingStars - PUMA show during Bundesliga game

From a more marketing and business point of view, it's also a special opportunity for equipment suppliers to do a little advertising for their brand.

Deploying a fleet to display the brand logo generates a direct impact on spectators.

Stellair - Rugby World Cup 2023

Stellair deployed 200 of our drones to light up the skies over Toulouse for the opening of the Rugby World Cup 2023.

The future of glowing drones at sporting events

The possibilities for drone light shows for sports occasion are endless.

With the constant evolution of technology, we can expect even more spectacular and immersive performances in the future.

More agile, lighter drones, or even more powerful LEDs.

The use of illuminated drones in other sports and disciplines is also likely to expand, becoming an integral part of these types of events.

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