What is a drone light show?

We’re hearing more and more about the term ‘drone light show’ but what is it exactly?

Well, take a swarm of little quadcopters with powerful LEDs on it, add different detailed choreographies in the air (we call them dances) and basically, you’ve got a drone light show.

Hundreds or thousands of drones can fly at the same time, synchronized to execute the chosen dances and also to reproduce images or write words in the sky.


Why is it the light show of the future?

Drones can be promised to be more advantageous and eco-friendly when compared to the use of fireworks, such that, they are reusable, they are considered green and they have greater longevity.

Moreover, they do not emit air or noise pollution and they can execute detailed and repeatable dances.

Also, it preserves wildlife and sensitive people to loud explosions, in addition it reduces the risk of fire in nature while drought.


With a drone light show, you can portray an entirely new experience in the sky.

They can be synchronized to form amazing patterns and tell digital stories in the night. You can create fully customizable shows and integrate additional tools (music, payloads…) to get a 3D immersive and unique experience each time.


How does it work?

First of all, choreographies are created on a 3D software so the limit is just your imagination!

You can plan hundreds of dances and you can be sure the show will unfold just like you want to.

Once you have made your dances, you just need to upload them on the drones.

The real advantage of a drone light show is its simplicity from the creation of the show upto the execution.


Safety is our priority, we have various safety measures:

To point out a few, we have a double perimeter safety: the first one is the tracking failsafe, meaning that a drone will land on the ground and will be down for the rest of the show if it doesn’t track its trajectory correctly.

The second one is if the drone crosses the geofence, the drone is killed/disconnected automatically.

Also, if a drone sustains a low battery level, it is programmed to land. Similarly, a double telemetry is set up if in any case the drone losses Wi-Fi signal.

Drones are controlled and manipulated by a computer/laptop or even a tablet. The communication between drones and the device is ensured by the Ground Control Station (GCS) connected to the antenna.

Before the show, you have some parameters to set up but it’s quite simple and fairly fast (about 30 minutes for 200 drones).

Drones are equipped with GPS, so you will know the precise (centimeter) position of each drone during the show.


Our solution: IO Star

At Drotek we have the smallest and the lightest drone (only 283g!) in the market.

The LED (RGBW) is super powerful to brighten your shows and impress your audience with a wide range of colors.

Thanks to the RTK GNSS antenna, you could locate your drones with a centimeter level positioning accuracy.

The autonomy of the battery is up to 22 minutes during the flight.

It’s possible to charge several batteries at the same time in order to save some time which is very convenient.

We offer you a full IO Star ecosystem: hardware (drone) and software, we have a strong interest to keep your user experience as simple as possible.

We have created tools to make the show experience easier and safer (with automated processes).



Drotek is a French company located in South of France. The group has 2 poles of expertise : Electronics  Drone Light Show

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