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The Drotek Charging Station is a lithium-ion batteries charger with fuse protection, thermal and voltage monitoring to ensure a proper charge of your batteries.

The Station is built with several LED signs to indicate the user whether the drone battery is charging, fully charged or not connected.

In few minutes you plug the product and recharge the batteries, with this charging system you'll increase your efficiency.

The Features

  • Automatic end-of-charge detection
  • Overcurrent protection
  • Indication of the state of charge
  • Simple and efficient charging solution
  • Charges up to 10 batteries simultaneously
  • Complete charging time: 3 hours
charging-plate-drone-batteries drone light show

What is a drone charging station?

A drone charging system is an intelligent electronic system used for safely load batteries. The system is safe and ensures several protections such as a fuse for overcurrent, but also overvoltage and thermal protection. The docking station is equipped with a lithium-ion charging technology which complies with the JEITA protocol.

The charging hub can be either safely connected to a transformer or directly to a main power supply outlet. The plate is often equipped with several LED in order to follow the batteries status : fully charged, battery charging and batteries not connected.

Can you charge a drone while flying?

The answer is no. It's not possible to charge a drone while the drone is in the air. Drones require a direct connection to a power source to recharge their batteries, and this connection cannot be established while the drone is in flight.

Drones must be landed and connected to be recharged. They can sometimes be programmed to return to their docking or charging stations automatically when their battery levels get low. RTH (Return to Home functionnality)

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Designed & assembled in our workshop in France

Drotek is a French company located in South of France. The group has 2 poles of expertise : Electronics  Drone Light Show

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