Crystal Drones x Drotek - First drone light show in Oyo

In March of this year 2024, the skies of Congo, and more specifically the city of Oyo, lit up to stage the first-ever light show by drones.

Two companies are behind this historic event.

Image by Crystal Drones

Crystal Drones - Creating exceptional moments

Based in Aulnay-sous-Bois (France), Crystal Drones, a subsidiary of the Crystal company specializing in customized air shows, creates unique experiences and stands out for its expertise in artistic design in the sky.

Crystal Drones go far beyond simple exhibitions in the sky. It tells stories, conveys emotions and awakens imaginations.

Each performance is carefully crafted to capture the very essence of the story it tells, and to do this, the team makes a point of ensuring that every nuance is perfectly reproduced in the air.

Attractive visuals are a must. So they don't spare any expense, using not only a swarm of our illuminated drones, but also fireworks and laser effects, for example.

The sound aspect is also very important. That's why they produce themselves the musical compositions for their shows, ensuring that every note resonates with the movements of the drones and intensifies the emotional impact of each performance.

Drotek - Cutting-edge lighted drone technology

Founded in 2012 and located near to Toulouse, we have made our mark in the business for the design and manufacture of illuminated drones to become the market leader.

Our years of expertise and the passion in our team make an essential contribution to the realization of exceptional air shows.

We think, design and produce our drones in such a way as to meet our customers' requirements as effectively as possible.

Our new production line enables us to work quickly for customers who place a premium on quality and intelligent design.

At Drotek, we do our utmost to embody excellence in drone technology.

An obvious collaboration for entertainment

This constant quest for perfection is a driving force for both Drotek and Crystal Drones, which is why this collaboration was an obvious choice.

For several years now, the two companies work together and share a common vision of pushing back the boundaries of the imaginary and creating unforgettable experiences for the public.

By combining our respective abilities, we have created large-scale, symbolic drone light shows, and will continue to do so in the future.

Here are some good drones shows produced by Crystal Drones in collaboration with Drotek :

But with the inauguration of the Relais de l'Alima marina in Oyo, this collaboration reached new heights.

The event - Inauguration of the "Relais de l'Alima" marina

In 2023, the Crystal Drones team was asked to build a unique show in Oyo, hometown of Congo President Denis Sassou Nguesso, to mark the inauguration of the "Relais de l'Alima" marina.

An ambitious 800-drone light show was produced, also incorporating laser effects and an immersive soundtrack, with the central idea of celebrating and highlighting the Congo for its crucial role as the "lung of the world".

The show marked an historic first, being the first drone light show ever staged in the Congo, adding an extra dimension of novelty and innovation to the event.

The storyboard for this show has been carefully crafted to captivate the audience through a series of symbolic images and scenes, highlighting the fauna, flora, culture and achievements of the Congo.

A look at the Crystal Drones show

The show opens with a scene evoking the majesty of the elephant, followed by the representation of a gorilla, guardian of the forest.

The third picture illustrates the vitality of the Congo River and the richness of the surrounding forest.

Congolese culture was then celebrated through loincloth patterns and the Kiebe-Kiebe dance, before moving on to the elegance of the peacock.

The sixth panel of the show took on a special significance, as it paid respectful tribute to President Denis Sassou Nguesso, in his presence.

This symbolic representation was accompanied by an inspiring melody, reflecting respect and admiration.

The performance took place under the captivating eyes of the President, adding an emotional dimension and significant impact to the event.

The show ends on a note of gratitude, thanking participants and audience alike, while leaving a lasting impression of hope and beauty.

This show was an exceptional opportunity to fuse technology and creativity to celebrate the essence of the Congo, while demonstrating the ability of Crystal Drones and Drotek to deliver high-level technical performances.

This addition points out the pioneering nature of the show and reinforces its importance as a landmark moment in the cultural and technological history of the Congo.

Drotek is a French company located in South of France. The group has 2 poles of expertise : Electronics  Drone Light Show

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