Drotek, a pioneering company in the design and production of autonomous drones for light shows, is seeking a Houdini Artist Technician to play a key role in creating drone light shows. Within our Design Office, you will contribute crucially to making the creation of shows efficient by eliminating tedious tasks related to the large number of drones involved.

Your tasks will include:

  • Establishing a procedural pipeline for show creation, allowing easy creation, modification, and reuse of procedural elements for each show.
  • Creating 2D and 3D procedural shapes of drones from images, text, etc.
  • Designing composable color effects, such as twinkles, color gradients, and audiovisual synchronization.
  • Managing drone movements, adhering to minimum distance, speed, and maximum acceleration constraints related to drones, using techniques like curve tracking, Boids algorithms, and morphing.
  • Creating demonstrations for each implemented feature.

You will work closely with our software development team, which will assist you in fulfilling this mission and transferring existing features, such as motion control from our current creation solution (Blender Add-on). Additionally, you will have the opportunity to create drone shows for social media communication, showcasing the results of your work.


Required profile

If you are a 3D animation student or have a Master's degree (Bac+5), passionate about artistic creation and visual effects design, and looking for a 6-month internship, we want to give you the opportunity to apply your skills in creating swarm drone light shows. Your precision and initiative will be valuable assets for this position in our small-sized company.


Required Skills

  • Procedural 3D animation design (Houdini, Blender Geometry Nodes, etc.)
  • Proficiency in Python development for creating custom Houdini nodes
  • Ability to create 2D and 3D assets. Optional Interests or Knowledge:
    • Knowledge of algorithms applied to 3D creation
    • Shader creation
    • Good command of English


Your contribution as a Houdini Artist Technician will be crucial in enhancing our drone light shows. Join us for this unique experience at Drotek.

Apply Now Here: careers@drotek.com

Drotek is a French company located in South of France. The group has 2 poles of expertise : Electronics  Drone Light Show

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