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We are a team of hackers, inventors, creators and innovators,
and above all a team of dreamers.

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DROTEK was established in 2012 and is dedicated to intense R&D around the rise of the autonomous vehicles market.

During the past years, DROTEK has constantly improved its technology and products. Our devices, vehicles and softwares are sold in over 100 countries and regions around the world.

If you have talent and a dream, DROTEK is your destination.

Embedded systems

Electronic Design

Artificial Intelligence


Join our fast growing core team and experience robotics engineering at the highest level.

  • Embedded system engineer
  • Full-Stack developer
  • Electronic Engineer

    Drotek is divided into 3 poles: electronics, robotics and events. The Drotek events pole develops drone light show solutions dedicated to entertainment especially with its flagship drone: IO star. Io star is the lightest light show drone on the market with a compact form of 190 x 190 x 52 mm. Its 300g light weight makes it powerful to create long lasting shows in the sky for entertainment. Within the events team dedicated to the project of luminous drone you will take care of the following missions:


    Develop from low layer to application software

    Integrate low layer and application software

    Design Embedded software architecture

    Ensure that internal and external commitments are met

    Participate in research projects on the software building blocks of our future products

  • SKILLS :

    You have embedded software development experience

    You are in love with C and C++

    Every night you dream about Real-Time Operating Systems

    Your laptop run with a Linux OS

    You have an open and international mindset with good english level.


    • Toulouse / FRANCE


    Recognizes, articulates, and makes technical decisions / trade-offs around multiple dimensions (scaling, reliability, performance, maintenance, etc.) that have an impact on their team.

    Able to discuss technical alternatives rationally and impartially, can accept criticism of design, and assess technical costs and trade-offs.

    Writes code that can be understood, used, extended, debugged, and maintained by the rest of the organization.

    Scopes and stages work into well-defined milestones.

    Takes the initiative to fix issues as they arise.

    Regularly delivers software on-time and is constantly working to make accurate estimates and deliver on those estimates.

    Assertive, not passive or aggressive in communication.

    Able to effectively resolve conflicts.

    Communicates technical work through design docs and tech talks.

    Proactively identifies problems with requirements (e.g. lack of clarity, inconsistencies, and technical limitations) for their own work and adjacent work and communicates these issues early to help course-correct.

    Leads a few, small scale, small impact initiatives with independent follow through to resolutions.

    Communicates efficiently and effectively within team, and department.

    Takes an active role in recruiting new team members and new developers in general.

  • SKILLS :

    You are innovative, creative, flexible and passionate about building great apps !

    You are in love with HTML5/CSS3, Heavy Javascript, JQuery, Angular, Backbone, Bootstrap, SQL, JSON, Ajax, GitLab, Git, Docker

    Every night you dream about the high-performance, reliable, and maintainable code you write before sleeping

    You have an open and international mindset with good english level.


    • Toulouse / FRANCE


    Write technical specifications and electronic design documents

    Analog / digital, power supplies, acquisitions, filtering, …

    Design of electronic schematics, recovery / modification of existing design

    Apply standard development methodology

    Perform electronic studies taking into account reliability, security, worst case, aggravated short circuit

    Specify the routing of electronic boards

    Design and validate prototypes

    Develop and write boards production files

    Write test specifications

    Write technical specifications of products and projects

    Participate in embedded software architecture

    Collaborate with the project team (Validation, Software, Hardware, Mechanics, etc …)

    Establish test plan of products and qualify prototypes accordingly

    Define test equipment specifications

    Be in support during the development phases of the production tools

    Participate in the bidding responses for the technical part (Offer HW, risks, feasibility)

    Interact with suppliers of electronic components, hardware and development

    Follow the subcontracting (specifications, quality and deadlines)

  • SKILLS :

    You are expert in design and simulation of electronics circuits, 

    You are in love of low frequency analog electronics,

    Every night you dream about embedded electronics, 

    You are using Altium software every day, 

    You have an open and international mindset with good english level.


    • Toulouse / FRANCE

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