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The Drotek Group offers a full range of electronic design and manufacturing services for many applications ranging from vehicle positioning to full automation. Its solutions are now proven and recognized by professionals in the sector. The group is divided into 3 poles: electronics, robotics and events.


With ten years of experience in geo-positioning, Drotek Electronics specializes in the development of OEM boards that can be easily integrated into your products. From development to production, it creates GNSS modules adapted to all types of use. Drotek electronics has also developed a complete range of RTK positioning technology, including boards with precision at the decimetric level, uses Real Time Kinematic (RTK) technology to achieve the GNSS performance needed for autonomous vehicles and other applications requiring precise guidance. The latest version of RTK technology incorporates the ZED-F9P U-blox module, delivering superior performance to the NEO-M8P. This module has a centimeter accuracy, a convergence time of less than 10 seconds (with active antenna), a navigation update rate of up to 20Hz, and allows the processing of GNSS signals L1 and L2 for the correction of ionospheric disturbances.


The Drotek events pole develops drone light show solutions dedicated to entertainment especially with its flagship drone: IO star. Io star is the lightest light show drone on the market with a compact form of 190 x 190 x 52 mm. Its 300g light weight makes it powerful to create long lasting shows in the sky for entertainment.


The Drotek robotics pole design and integrate innovative cost-effective robotic solutions for complicated applications to everyday tasks. From small stand-alone systems to large integrated processes, it provides custom robotic and automation systems for industries of all types. From design office to manufacturing unit, its expertise goes through consulting, feasibility study, design, development and industrialization of robotic projects.



Drotek group engineers are leading experts in designing software and hardware architectures to help you develop the safest and most efficient embedded systems for your specific applications. This expertise is complemented by a production totally internalized and localized in France.