Allumee x Drotek - First 1000 drones light show

Last month, our partner Allumee exceeded all expectations with their first-ever 1000-drone show.

This breathtaking performance dazzled the audience, setting a new benchmark in the art of drone entertainment, and was made possible by the expertise and collaboration of the entire Allumee team.

Allumee : Innovating drone shows

The story of Allumee began in 2020 with a profound desire : to offer everyone an unforgettable moment.

The company attach great importance to generating not only wonder, but also to sharing new emotions, using our drones as a vehicle, but above all by investing passion and commitment.

Their drones performances are designed to be accessible to all, leaving lasting memories without leaving a trace on the environment.

Allumee infuses creativity into every event, emphasizing artistic innovation by adapting their creations to a variety of natural landscapes.

This dedication to creativity ensures that every drone light show becomes an immersive sensory experience, capturing the splendor of every environment.

Every Allumee drone light show is backed by impeccable operation's logistics.

From battery management and preventive maintenance to real-time coordination during shows, every aspect of operations is meticulously orchestrated.

One of their objectives is to make this technology accessible to many people as possible.

These types of performances are still a little bit unknown by the European and French audience, which is why their team aspires to democratize them, eager to arouse the public's sense of wonder.

Image by Allumee

Drotek : Illuminated drones crafter

Founded in 2012 and located in Avignonet-Lauragais, near to Toulouse, Drotek has established itself as the leading designer and manufacturer of illuminated drones.

Our company stands out for its solid expertise and unwavering passion, which enable our customers to put on exceptional air performances.

We develop and build our drones in-house, ensuring a rapid, high-quality response to our customers' specific needs.

Thanks to our dedicated production line, each drone is meticulously designed and assembled on our premises, proudly bearing the “Made in France” label.

Our cutting-edge technology offers centimetric precision, essential for creating breathtaking displays.

At Drotek, we are committed to embodying excellence in drone light shows, transforming every flight into an unforgettable moment.

We recently launched a brand-new service : drone show design.

You can now call on us to create tailor-made choreographies by providing us with the displays you want to appear.

Image by Allumee

An historic collaboration

The collaboration between Allumee and Drotek is historical, with a long-standing relationship.

Together, we have pushed back the boundaries of innovation and creativity to deliver unforgettable visual experiences in every event with a swarm of drones.

For several years now, they have been calling on our technology and services to carry out their drone light shows.

Their latest creations include performances that illuminated the vast coastal expanses of the Lemon Festival in the city of Menton, or transformed the dynamic urban landscapes at the Asics SaintéLyon race.

Allumee also illuminated the banks of the lake of Olivier in Istres last year, exploring the city's aeronautical history with “Le Rêve d'Icare”.

These one-of-a-kind performances demonstrate Allumee's ability to adapt our drones to a multitude of natural settings and special event, guaranteeing an immersive sensory experience every time.

The highlights of the event

For three intense days, the skies over Lyon lit up at the Hippodrome de Parilly.

Richly varied visuals, from a gigantic fire-breathing dragon to a mesmerizing goddess and the mythical Cathedral Notre Dame de Paris.

Each unique form created for this show came from a very distinct universe, adding a captivating diversity to the performances.

One of the ambitious choices made during the show was to create a spectacular reproduction of the Cathedral Notre-Dame de Paris, as faithfully as possible.

Designed to the actual dimensions of the monument, 127 meters long and 40 meters wide, this project combines innovation with historical and cultural heritage.

This exceptional project combined technological innovation with respect for historical and cultural heritage, illustrating Allumee's ability to pay tribute to emblematic symbols through the use of drones.

With the help of a thousand drones, Allumee succeeded in bringing to life the biggest dragon the skies over France have ever seen : 150-meters of scaling, a 75-meter deluge of flames.

Finally, the show reached its climax with the majestic appearance of a goddess, measuring 200 meters long and 100 meters wide.

Drotek is a French company located in South of France. The group has 2 poles of expertise : Electronics  Drone Light Show

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